Amor Fati

Longing for another time.
If it was then, you’d be fine.

But you wouldn’t now, as you weren’t then.
Why try to live those days again?

Wouldn’t happen as you dreamed.
Those dreams are not what they seem.

They’re illusions of your perception.
A fantasy of comprehension.

Special is the place you stand.
This place is crucial, understand?

Never again, never before.
In this moment, so much more.

More than you could ever see.
More than we would ever be.

Treasure your pain and your yearning.
Cherish how your flame is burning.

To heights of vulnerability.
Once beyond possibility.

It’s a burden that never was.
It’s an effect of many cause.

Love in your fate, come what may.
Do not wish this life away.

Value all that comes to you.
For it will end, as all things do.
© 2019 TheRememberings Ltd.