Tending to the easy way,
And leave more for another day.

Ease frees demons to take hold.
A toe, a foot, a beast unfolds.

Traits that earned a regal crown,
Can also turn and take you down.

Exploits with life and death so fine.
Comforts of home and flames and wine.

Dancing on the edge of knives.
Enough for some or many lives.

But then there’s one that came to call.
The one to which you would give all.

Well, all was given, don’t you see?
Another life has been set free.

And what is left is nil and scratch.
You never did try to detach.

So, it is yours and it is you.
There’s much more you still can do.

Not with the life that passed you by.
The one to come, if you try.

It’s a poison and a cure.
It is both and it is more.

You’re playing with a fickle brew.
A paradox, a self-made coup.

Dreadfully but not insane,
The ease transformed into pain.

With a purpose, with devotion,
As drops of rain become an ocean.

One that will crash upon a shore.
Redemptive of some errs of yore.

When kings were more than merely kings,
And all the heartache that would bring.

Time will come to strike again.
Let your power grow ‘til then.
© 2021 TheRememberings Ltd.

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