Welcome to the precipice.
An ending and a genesis.

When good and bad all look the same.
When normalcy has gone insane.

When all you once held near and dear.
Is laid to waste on some frontier.

Where change runs faster than the will.
Where prophecies can be fulfilled . . .

I wish I knew where to go.
Where there would not be such woe.

To shirk my charge once again.
Die in peace, but what then?

Because I cannot stand some pain?
Because I’m saddened by the reign?

The things I’ve done, the things I will.
Have not often been fulfilled . . .

The charming life I have led.
The quiet nights in my bed.

Is that why I am alive?
My better parts to be deprived?

All comfort and some stagnation?
But for my imagination.

My dreams were drawn from a will.
A will that yearns to be fulfilled . . .

The tales I tell myself aren’t true.
I’ve many dreams, but rarely do.

The world is set to unwind.
In that storm is where I’ll find.

A reason, but maybe more.
It’s here I’ll find things to die for.

And die for these things I will.
Then this life may be fulfilled.

© 2022 TheRememberings Ltd.

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