Upon My Shelf

Things are wrong, leave it at that.
Let’s agree that’s where we’re at.

Why’s of chaos, the ways of change,
Are not germane to this exchange.

They’re a spur for how we feel.
And on that feel, what it reveals.

I feel tremendous disconnect,
In the cause and the effect.

Reality is disunited.
From much of it I’m disinvited.

As much as truth hath given me.
Success declines commensurately.

The game is fake, what can I say.
I try so hard not to play.

It makes me want to escape.
Beyond the shell, behind the drape.

Eternity, where all is well.
But that’s not where I’m meant to dwell.

I am here in this resistance.
Making terms with an existence.

I have these thoughts, but what for?
I can think, but not much more.

There are those that count on me.
They know not of what I see.

I must guard these tender souls.
Their future makes this present whole.

This love leads to preservation.
Surviving in a dying nation.

One that’s long into decay.
With its rebirth on a delay.

I can write, that’s what I do.
Upon this scroll from me to you.

Maybe here they will be found.
The tiny hopes that will compound.

Among the dust upon my shelf.
The words between me and myself.

© 2021 TheRememberings Ltd.

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