A Tale

It isn’t much of a discovery,
But it could bring a recovery.

A recovery of the right,
To discern my hope and plight.

To choose a tale to immerse,
Or to choose the reverse.

To view a tale with suspicion,
Without hate or derision.

To view it as a strategy,
As a feature, as anatomy,

Of how a culture problem solves,
How it returns, how it evolves.

There are answers in the structure,
Of the tale and its conductor,

Of audience, promoting corps,
And who’s oppressed by it, therefor,

The way it’s used, the way it sings,
What it prevents and what it brings.

I have been caught, as were thee,
But since I’m free, I now can see,

All the ways I was taken.
How that I loved was forsaken,

With my agreement, with my approval,
With my feeble will’s removal.

And so, this age defined by tale,
A tale that lives, and that prevails.

A tale that captures, a tale that sells,
A tale fits, and that compels.

A tale driven by ideals,
A tale that coaxes, and that steals. . .

Will I learn, can I define,
This open door to the mind?

Will it stay open or be closed?
Has another tale yet imposed?

© 2023 TheRememberings Ltd.

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