The ways you are incomplete.
Things causing your defeat.

It’s the space between the stars.
It’s why things are near or far.

The emptiness of a bowl.
The shortcomings of your soul.

The perfected man, but for.
On this you’ll find, there’s much more.

Created in his likeness.
But he is nothing like us.

The absolute who has it all.
By his side before the fall.

But a man has something more.
Moves us forward from the core.

One thing he does not possess.
But with that, God did bless.

It’s the stuff that resists.
Feast on which life subsists.

Now and then we overcome.
Then there is another one.

And the end, cold and cruel.
It is life’s hidden jewel.

Faced with certain bitter end.
There’s a reason to contend.

Fighting on with all your mights.
Lifting the race to new heights.

Still too soon, the end is near.
Threads a bit of loathsome fear.

Something there to rise above.
This is our labor of love.

Overcome limit’s end.
This the way to transcend.

Not something to be solved.
But a means to evolve.
© 2018 TheRememberings Ltd.